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Zagreb Film Festival
21 - 27 October 2007

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

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The Living and the Dead / Živi i mrtvi
Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 87' , 2007.

Directed by: Kristijan Milić
Script: Josip Mlakić, Miro Barnjak
Producer: Igor A. Nola, Domagoj Pavić, Marijo Vukadin, Miro Barnjak
Production company: Mainframe Production, HRT, FTV BiH
Cinematography: Dragan Marković
Editing: Goran Guberović
Music: Andrija Milić
Cast: Filip Šovagović, Velibor Topić, Slaven Knezović, Marinko Prga, Borko Perić, Miro Barnjak, Božidar Orešković, Enes Vejzović

Format: 35mm, boja
Running time: 87'

After the outbreak of the conflict between Bosnian and Croatian forces in Bosnia, a group of six HVO (Croatian Defense Council) soldiers find themselves cut off from their unit and forced to retreat through the mountains to reunite with their army, stationed some 15-20 kilometers away. We follow the plot from the perspective of one of the soldiers, Tomo. A parallel plot follows a group of ten Domobrans headed by two Ustasha soldiers, reaching the same mountain region on a truck with the mission of neutralizing a Partisan unit, retreated there after a battle. This plot stream is seen from the perspective of a Domobran soldier called Martin (grandfather of Tomo from the first story), and his two inseparable compatriots, Ferid and Stojan. Ferid, desperate after hearing the news of his entire family been murdered, decides to desert the unit, but gets ambushed by the Partisans. In an attempted rescue mission both Ferid, Stojan and some other Domobrans get killed...

54th Pula Film Festival
Great Golden Arena for Best Film
Golden Arena for Best Male Supporting Performance (Borko Perić)
Golden Arena for direction
Golden Arena for camera
Golden Arena for editing
Golden Arena for music
Special Golden Arena for special effects
Special Golden Arena for Sound

Directors Biography
Kristijan Milić was born in Zagreb, in 1969. In 2001 he graduated in film and theatre direction at Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he directed three short feature films in the course of his studies. Milić's short film 'Blackwoods' gets awarded second prize at F.R.K.A. Student Festival in 1998. In 2002. he filmed another short feature 'Safe House' ('Sigurna kuća') and received Best Short Debut Award and Best Camera Award at Days of Croatian Film. In order to facilitate distribution, the film was combined with Goran Kulenović's 'All the Way Down' ('Ravno do dna') and became part of '24 Hours' Omnibus, winning Vjesnik Breza Award for Best Directorial Debut at Pula Film Festival in 2002.

‘The Living and the Dead’ is a courageous and exciting film, superior in all its artistic forms, telling a multi-layered story across time and space and stating some truths about this turbulent region of ours / Pula Film Festival jury statement

Location and screening schedule:
matinee: SC Cinema, Thursday, October 25th at 11.00
premiere: SC Cinema, Thursday, October 25th at 22.30
reprisal: Cinema Europe, Friday, October 26th at 10.00

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