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Zagreb Film Festival
21 - 27 October 2007

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 48 29 477
385 1 45 93 691


Graffiti Street / Ulica grafita
Croatia, 56' OUT OF COMPETITION , 2007

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Directed by: Sergej Kreso
Script: Sergej Kreso
Producer: Boris T Matić
Production company: Propeler Film
Cinematography: Josip Ivančić, Mladen Vekić, Matko Petrić
Editing: Srđan Fink, Veljko Segarić, Vlado Gojun, Sergej Kreso
Music: La Banda

Format: video, color
Running time: 56'

In late 80s, the band La Banda was one of the most influential representatives of the alternative rock scene in Sarajevo. At that time the band recorded a number of songs intended for their debut album. The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina interrupted their work on the album and La Banda ceased to exist. Ten years later, the members of the band, now living in five different countries, decide to finish the project they started long ago. That brings them back together in the city they once lived and played their music in, Sarajevo, for the first time. Do they still understand each other as well as they used to, both as friends and musicians? What happened to the city and its music scene they were once part of?

Directors Biography
Sergej Kreso was born in Sarajevo in 1963. After studying journalism at the Faculty of Political Science he worked as Sarajevo Radio Television reporter and youth program editor for Doboj radio station. Next to his journalistic work, Sergej played in a series of rock bands (La Banda, Scabia, Festival, Torpedos, Gino Banana, Elvis J. Kurtovic). In 2004 he filmed his documentary debut, 'The Symphony of a Street Player' ('Simfonija za uličnog svirača'), screened at various international festivals (Zagreb Film Festival, DokMa, BCI Berlin). 'Graffiti Street' is his second film. Sergej still plays his music, today as member of Mala Vita band.

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Location and screening schedule:
premiere: SC Cinema, Friday, October 26th at 17.00
reprisal: &TD Cinema, Saturday, October 27th at 11.00

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