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Zagreb Film Festival
21 - 27 October 2007

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 48 29 477
385 1 45 93 691



Jan Cvitkovič, Director
Goran Rušinović, Director
Sam Taylor, Producer


Zvonimir Jurić, Director
Veton Nurkolari, Dokufest Art Director
Oleg Novković, Director


Tanja Golić, Director
Matija Kluković, Director
Hrvoje Brekalo, Graphic Designer











Jan Cvitkovič was born in Tolmin, Slovenia in 1966. After studying physics for one year he switched to archaeology and graduated in 1999. He quit switching interest when he started making films. He first worked as screenwriter and then played the lead role in Janez Burger's 'In Neutral' in 1999. In 2001 Cvitkovič directed his feature debut 'Bread and Milk' and won Luigi De Laurentiis Award at Mostra, followed by awards at San Sebastian, Cottbus, LIFF. His short film 'The Heart is a Piece of Meat', awarded at Cottbus and Gijon festivals, was screened at Zagreb Film Festival in 2004. His second feature, 'Gravehopping', screened at ZFF in 2005, likewise received numerous awards (Altadis Award for best debut at San Sebastian Film Festival, Ecumenical Jury Award at Cottbus and many more).












Goran Rušinović was born in Zagreb in 1968. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 1993 he left for Denmark to do his graduate studies at the European Film College and there filmed his short debut 'Kilo of Shrimp'. In 1996 Rušinović gets admitted at the New York Film Academy, where he films another short, 'Get the Hard Goods'. 'Mondo Bobo' released in 1997, was his first feature film, but also the first Croatian film ever to come out of independent production. The film received Golden Arena Awards at Pula Film Festival in 1997 for best director, best actor, best scenography and editing. It received the Audeince Award for Best Film as well. In 1999 he directed his documentary 'Bosnavision' and in 2003 his second feature 'World Monster'. He was invited to present the feature he is currently working on, 'Buick Rivera', at L'Atelier du Festival in Cannes, along with other young filmmakers whose films might enter competition for La Palme d'Or some day.












Sam Taylor is director and joint-owner of Film and Music Entertainment who merged her company Mass Productions Ltd into F&ME in January 2000. She began her career as head of international sales at Jeremy Thomas and Chris Blackwell's company Oasis and was responsible for selling a range of titles including Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. She then went to St Petersburg to work as 2nd Assistant Director on an Anglo-Russian co-production, Contact. Her first feature as producer was Milcho Manchevski's Oscar nominated Before the Rain, which won the Golden Lion in Venice. After a brief excursion into the art world working with Sam Taylor-Wood on her video installation 'Pent-Up' she completed the Greek language Under the Stars and formed F&ME with Mike Downey. She sits on the Film Policy Group at PACT (UK Producer's Alliance) and from 2000-2001 was the PACT representative on the Skillset board.










Zvonimir Jurić was born in Osijek in 1971. He studied film and TV direction at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and graduated in 1997. In 1996 his feature film 'The Sky Bellow Osijek' received the Octavian Award and Best Director Award at DHF, as well as the Rector's Award. His graduate film 'Die Die My Darling' wins another Rector's Award in 1998. His documentary 'Jurić: Tvrđa' wins Best Documentary Award at Motovun Film Festival in 2000, and yet another documentary 'The Black Could Stand It, Can I?' was awarded Best Editing Award at DHF. In 2003 he made his debut feature, 'The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed' and in 2004 he co-directed a segment of 'Sex, Booze and Short Fuse' omnibus with Antonio Nuić and Boris T. Matić.











Oleg Novković is film director and screenwriter, born in 1968. He studied film and TV direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Srđan Karanović. He directed documentaries 'Miner's Opera', 'Celebration', 'Verke, kude Verke...' 'Invisible People'. His debut feature 'Tell Me Why You Left Me' (1993) won numerous international awards as one of the first pacifist movies coming from ex-Yugoslav countries and carrying a strong antiwar message. Next followed 'Normal People' (2001) and 'Tomorrow Morning' (2006), winner of FIPRESCI Award at Cottbus and Special Jury Award at Karlovy Vary in 2006.

Veton Nurkolari is artistic photographer and one of organizers of Dokufest, International Festival of Documentary and Short Film taking place in Prizren, Kosovo every summer for the past six years.










Hrvoje Brekalo was born in Dubrovnik in 1970. In 1996 he graduated in graphic design from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb. He first worked as graphic editor in HVG and since 2003 as graphic designer for the BUG magazine.











Tanja Golić was born in Rijeka in 1973 and there she started her artistic carrier and became Art Teacher. After years of doing graphics, video art and installations ('Sea', 1996, 'Ultrasound', 1998, 'Wonderland', 1999, 'Lightness of Being', 2001) she gets admitted to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb to study film direction. She received Jelena Rajković plaque at the Days of Croatian Film in 2003 and presented her documentary 'Wait, wait' at ZgDox in 2006, film about her grandmother's and the rest of her family's battle against the Alzheimer disease. The film received Best Documentary Direction Award at 15th Days of Croatian Film and her 15-minute feature film 'It's Not What I Know but the Way Things Are' received an award for feature direction.










Matija Kluković was born in 1982. He started making video clips, volunteering and assisting on film sets, screenwriting and making music videos for local musicians at the age of eighteen. In 2003 he started filming his independent feature film 'Slow Days' and won the Golden Pram Award in Checkered category at ZFF, reserved for Croatian debut titles, in 2006. The film entered selections of many other festivals, International Film Festival in Rotterdam among others. His other works are 'The Harmony of Delusions', 'Instrumentals', 'Vedran's Short Sick Leave'.

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